Sexually Explicit Art Using Classic Media and Methods

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Welcome to the Erotic Fine Arts, erotic art site. 

I have had this free erotic art website up since 1998 in various versions. I am sometimes referred to as "Van Goth on Viagra" but the pictures or more along the line of Charles Bukowski's writing. My art is sexually explicit and show me have sex with a variety of people and couples. I have been doing this since 1973 and have about 30,000 photographs to use in my art. A few of the final paintings are shown here.

I'm always looking for potential models in the Washington DC area. E-mail me at if you are interested. I prefer exhibitionist amateurs to professional models. They are usually more fun and more open to my content.

If you're not an adult, or viewing erotic material is forbidden by law where you live, or you are offended by art containing sexually explicit content please exit this site by using the back button on your web browser. If you're an adult and it's not against the law to view erotic material in your location, please proceed to the EFAmain page.

Thank you,
C. L. Wilson